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HN-MES Type Marine Evacuation System

The Marine Evacuation System is stowed in the stainless steel container on the deck. When releasing the handle, the system will be formed into the sea automatically.
Type: Single chute vertical passage, Double chute vertical passage, Inclined single chute passage
Specification:6-22 meters

Approval: CCS

HNF Inflatable liferaft
The inflatable liferaft is stowed in the liferaft container on the deck. When pulling the painter line, The liferaft is inflated in the sea.
Type: Throw over board, Canopied Reversible, Davit launched, Self-righting and Davit Launched, Open Reversible and Self-righting
Specification;6-125 person

Approval: CCS and some products approved by GL
HN-JSY type lifejacket

Type: Inflatable lifejacket and foam lifejacket

Approval: CCS
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